What changes can metaverse bring to culture and tourism industry?

Cultural tourism in metaverse can influence people's travel decisions and also affect the product structure and ecology of tourism industry. In the past, people make travel decisions from friends' advices, commercials, public reviews and their own experience. People tend to believe more in what they have experienced and evaluated by people they trust.

The metaverse space not only offers people with a larger range of choices to travel, it also provides self-served travel options or community guided travels. People will be able to use their knowledge and expertise for a better travel experience.

Customer Values

Immersive experience

To boost the dismal tourism industry impacted by COVID-19, 51Meet builds several online digital twin scenic spots, which provide tourists with online companions and promote online sales of local specialties.

It offers a one-stop business model from tourism to promotion and purchase, connecting online and offline transaction and makes the metaverse platform a new channel for online sales.


Extended boundary

Metaverse scenes expand the boundaries of tourism destinations and take visitors to a larger virtual world. By expanding the IP attributes, metaverse scenic area can attract more brand owners to settle in and build up the virtual commercial complexes. The values of products can be better reflected in the scenarios, while online and offline shopping are seamlessly connected.

This allows tourists to watch the beautiful scenery without leaving home while enjoying local specialty products at home.


Digital assets

Enterprises can build cultural and tourism assets in the metaverse, making it possible to reconstruct any spaces or scenic spots. On the one hand, it solves the renewability problem of certain tourism attractions, on the other hand, it empowers the scenic spots with digital values, transforming assets from offline to online.


Cultural promotion

In metaverse, you can build up your own social connection with others, then join an immersive, themed tour with your family and friends on weekends to experience the local customs together. Cultural knowledge will be more accessible than ever, boosting the popularity of tourist attractions and better pass down the intangible cultural legacy.



元宇宙博物馆Metaverse Museum

51WORLD is able to vividly restore the cultural artifacts, historical environments, ancient buildings, evolving landscapes, and even the customs of the era in which the relics are found, with reference of the historical relics, archaeological sites, and documentary records. At the same time, we can present the historical stories that might have happened on these artifacts, rendering audience an immersive and realistic experience.

51WORLD has provided metaverse technical support for “Sanxingdui Fantastic Journey”, a large-scale immersive and interactive digital space launched by China’s national TV station CCTV showcasing the Sanxingdui archaeological excavation.

元宇宙结伴游Metaverse Companion

The digital twin-based metaverse scenic spots enable group travels with relatives anytime and anywhere. Family and friends are no longer restricted by the time and space limit. During the tour, users can leave a ceremonial memory or learn the cultural stories with storytelling or role plays.

元宇宙全景观Metaverse Fusion View

Through applying video fusion technology in metaverse scene, real-life videos are embedded into the 3D space digital models, which enable a fully controllable view of the scenery. This not only enhances visitors’ online experience, but also opens up a new path for revitalizing traditional culture. The marriage between cultural tourism and Metaverse not only strengthens interaction, but also enhances the cultural connotation of tourism.

元宇宙随心购Metaverse Shopping

Metaverse brings new operational models and traffic to the scenic spots in a way that breaks time and space restrictions. It can offer a metaverse shopping experience in iconic scenes, such as The Women’s Kingdom in ‘Journey to the West’, ‘Along the River During the Qingming Festival’, and more.

元宇宙主题展馆Themed Metaverse Pavilion

Users can create online virtual pavilions, which can become an IP, by combining cultural and creative animations with the virtual scene. For example, an online science and fiction themed exhibition pavillion with digital avatar simulation, IP story and virtual exhibition hall, providing an immersive experience to visitors.

元宇宙电影院Metaverse Movie Threatre

Combining with cultural and creative animations, you can build up an offline metaverse experience space. You can present a digital world in naked-eye 3D, where people can interact freely with the scene and enjoy the metaverse like in reality.

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