Why companies and organizations choose 51Meet-MS2

With its immersive social experiences, rich contents, and traffic attributes, MS-2 will quickly and efficiently help organizers to pursue their larger-scale influence.

Its massive cloud computing power renders around-the-clock exhibitions as possible, in which clients can participate online at any time, to connect with exhibitors and facilitate potential cooperation.

Communicating during shopping and watching, compared with the conventional online form, can boost users’ willingness to participate and share, to such an extent that the event reach an exponential growth of audience.

Customer Values

Beyond time and space

51Meet breaks the restrictions of time and space, enabling enterprises to reach a larger group of audience with lower participation cost .


Higher performance

51Meet empowers digital conferences and exhibitions with lower costs and convenience in preparation.


Boosting conversion rate

51Meet can better serve existing customers and attract potential customers with the support from data analysis.


Encourage sharing

The immersive experience and interesting contents encourage the users to share, leading to increased online spread of company name, achieving an exponential growth in audience count.


Breaking the circle

The differentiated experience makes 51Meet stands out from other conference and exhibition solutions, bringing customers with brand new scientific and technological values.



Major Press Conferences

Host innovative events and conferences through collaboration among offline meeting, online streaming and metaverse meeting, highlighting the integration with new technologies, boosting the event popularity by raising trending topics and triggering users' willingness to share. Maximize the effectiveness of activities during the window period, and connect multiple parties through data analysis to promote business cooperation.

Trade Fair

Support integration with existing digital solutions for event organizing, streamlining event processes, solving the problems of long planning time, high hosting cost, high participation cost and insufficient online contents. The solution can significantly reduces the cost and increases efficiency of exhibition activities in industries that are strongly dependent on them (such as medicine, industry and alcoholic drinks)

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