In Web3.0 , companies need their Meta Space


Why companies and organizations choose 51Meet-MS1

Better experience Improve the efficiency of online events and provides a better experience with faster information delivery and lower operation costs.

Better sharing The brand-new experience encourages the users to share, boosting the online spread of company's values and reach out to more audience.

Better branding The novel event format can better convey the company's technological capability, innovative attributes and corporate culture.


Unlike applications for entertainment, 51Meet aims to replicate the real world, allowing participants to feel as immersive as in an offline meeting, and thus bring a sense of trust.

51Meet's enterprise-level metaverse space (MSpace) currently has twelve functional partitions, including reception, lounge, exhibition hall, lab, conference center, VIP reception area, fitness zone, leisure area, lecture theater, conference room, small meeting room, and group photo area, which basically cover the major needs of corporate activities.


Business Reception

Enterprise introduction, product display, business meeting and closed-door salon can be organized in the exclusive space of the enterprise. The business activities held in MS-1 enable the users to obtain an experience similar to that of offline, promote in-depth communication, and improve the opportunities for cooperation.


Participants in different cities can enjoy the interesting salon, efficiently obtain core information, and establish relationship circles, as activities are no longer restricted by space and cost. Efficient organization and low-cost venues allow events to be carried out more frequently and imaginatively.

Recruitment and Training

High-quality recruitment and training are not confined only to audio and video interaction. The built-in interactive functions in MS-1 render a natural, efficient, vivid and interesting recruitment process, and form stronger memory points, which improve high-end talent recruitment and the transformation of training results.

Company Showcase

The MS-1 accommodates areas of reception, conference, display, exhibition, etc. The one-stop solution for enterprises helps create an innovative, technical and young corporate image and enhances corporate influence.

We are dedicated to creating an exclusive metaverse space for enterprises

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