About WDP Digital Twin PaaS Platform

The fully open, low-threshold, and highly-efficient building tools provided by 51WDP enable developers to create 3D scenes, design interactively and edit data at ease. 51WDP is a digital twin PaaS platform that helps enterprises integrate businesses and build application foundations.

Customize your own
Metaverse Space scene

WDP Digital Twin PaaS platform is an infrastructure for creating digital twin applications. It can provide 51Meet with customized, high-quality and realistic space. Users can customize scenes on WDP, creating their own digital twin avatars and add more interactive features based on the 3D space.

Core Highlights

Digital Assets Generated on Demand

Users can independently generate L2-L3 urban 3D base maps with spatial-temporal data;

Supporting quick conversion and restoration of 3D models of multiple formats and industries;

Innovating users’ encrypted transactions and right of 3D digital assets.

Constructing Digital Twin Scenes at Will

Quick creation on the foundation of massive base maps and users’ models;

Supporting free display of high-precision 3D models and rapid adjustment of terrains;

Experiencing real-time rendering of 3D scenarios driven by next-generation data.

Flexible Expansion of Functions

Developing on the basis of users’ front-end development frame;

Supporting interface development with zero coding background;

Presetting application templates to quickly reach the terminals.

Diversified Deployment of Platform Services

Privatizing the container platform deployment, ensuring the safety of users’ data;

Absolute public cloud rendering service, reducing hardware investment;

Multiple mixed deployment modes and cross platform features.


Why choose 51WDP?

51WDP digital twin PaaS platform, with its powerful customized scenes, self-expanded applications, and diversified deployments, helps developers:

allocate massive assets at will, to improve 3D scene construction;

visually edit interactive applications, thus lowering the threshold of developing and quickly responding to market demands;

reduce hardware investment costs due to its cloud-native capabilities, and privatize deployment to guarantee data security.

Powerful content creation capability

Enterprises can personalize their space even with no requirement of professional background. They can build the space with simple drag-and-drop and edit scenes on a 'what you see is what you get” interface.

One-stop creation of an exclusive virtual image. Free customization of users' digital avatars.


Smooth interactive display function

Easy-to-use user-interaction customization feature.

Develop with minimal coding and real-time interactive preview.


Robust platform-based support capability

Rich and easy-to-use platform management functions: Event scenarios, participation permissions, post-meeting management... all at your fingertips.

Diverse deployments of platform services: Support experiencing on both local and cloud, with low hardware requirement. Users can start creating at any time.


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