About 51Meet

51Meet is an enterprise-level metaverse software that integrates technologies including 3D graphics, simulation, large-scale rendering, cloud native, code-free creation and multiplayers online. It also provides both a click-to-use cloud version and a stable and powerful local version for users to choose from.

Organization/Activity Management

Create your own organization/events, or join and manage organizations/events created by others,or set organization members as administrators.

Personalized Space

Customize you own space on the basis of the standard space template, modify the pictures and videos in your 3D space.

Live Interactive Experience

Pop-up comments, dialogue exchange, switching between virtual and real world, expression recognition feature, screen sharing, interact with object in the 3D space, external device support while speaking, sound settings, mini-map and event sharing link.


Why choose 51Meet?

As an enterprise-level metaverse application, 51Meet is empowered with six core features: Photorealistic Virtual Venue, Customized Avatar, Natural Interaction, Multi-scenario Application, User Mod,Cross-platform Access. We aspire that, from the first day of its inception, it will be able to improve according to the needs of enterprise users, providing them with rich scenarios, convenient operation, and immersive experience!

Cloud Version Local Version

Join meeting with one click, on any devices

We are dedicated to creating an exclusive metaverse space for enterprises

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