Cooperation Mechanism


Start Cooperation and Share Benefits

51Meet looks forward to collaborating with partners and creating a new path for metaverse with an open and win-win mentality.


Cloud Service Provider

As an innovative product in the metaverse era, 51Meet will draw a massive demand for cloud and its own traffic fission effect will boost the sales & marketing of cloud resources, services and platforms.

Cloud--云服务商 Cloud--云服务商


The emergence of online event applications will give rise to future demand for various services, such as RTC, digital avatar, NFT, AI, data analysis, event organization, and more. 51Meet is designed to be compatible with all these related services and will establish an application ecosystem centred around itself.

ISV:服务商 ISV:服务商


Upgrade the solution package for clients in event hosting, product promotion, education and training industries and provide an immersive experience for end-users. Various secondary development interfaces enable integrations with existing products in all platforms.

SI:集成商 SI:集成商


The market cannot be cultivated without the help of channel agency partners in the industry ecology, to whom 51Meet will provide standardized service, platform, price, and technical support, to share the dividends of metaverse application.

Agency:代理商 Agency:代理商