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Dedicated to cloning 510 million square kilometers of the Earth, 51WORLD aims to change the world by building a digital twin planet. On the basis of 3D graphics and physical simulation, the tech startup has delivered a digital twin PaaS platform WDP, two SaaS products—metaverse application 51Meet and autonomous driving simulation test platform 51Sim, as well as a series of digital twin products for smart cities, parks and industries, which have enabled the digital upgrade of thousands of companies and governments at all levels, and rendered digital twins as the new infrastructure of the industrial metaverse.

51WORLD digital twin technology and platform have been widely applied by global governments at all levels and more than 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises in over 200 cities worldwide, covering areas like cities, parks, transportation, vehicles, rail, aviation, water conservancy, ports, electricity, factories, real estate, etc. The company has launched a series of landmark cases, including the big data platform for the strategic Xiong'an New District, the city brain intelligent operation center for Beijing Haidian District, the city brain for Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, the smart city command center for Nanjing Jiangbei New District, the smallest city governance unit for Shanghai, the urban super brain for Anhui Tongling, the Bantian Park IOC-MAX for Huawei Global Headquarters, the operation platform for Sanya Yazhou Bay Sciences and Technology City, the traffic simulation visualization and interaction system for Beijing West Third Ring Road, the supervising platform for the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Testing Zone, the autonomous driving simulation platform for Haomo AI, the multi-vehicle interactive simulation platform for the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification & Tech Innovation Center, the digital twin track platform for Changsha Wuyi Square, the digital twin port platform for Shenzhen Mawan, the digital twin waterway platform for Zhejiang Zheli, the digital platform for water conservancy hub in Xiajiang in Jiangxi Province, the digital twin power platform for State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC), the digital twin airport platform for China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology etc.

The company was established in Beijing in February 2015 and its full name is Beijing 51WORLD Digital Twin Technology Co., Ltd. (51WORLD). There are currently about 700 employees in the company and over 65% are R&D and technical personnel, of which more than 50% have a master degree or above. They are from preeminent universities and institutions such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Fudan University, Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Wuhan University, Nankai University, Nanjing University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China etc. In addition to the Beijing headquarters, the company also owns a R&D center in Shanghai, an engineering center in Chengdu, an innovation center in Shenzhen and a number of other branches in various regions both home and abroad. The company's main R&D field covers more than 10 high-tech categories such as computer graphics, computational mechanics, computer vision, reinforcement learning, deep learning, discrete mathematics and decision planning.

Since its inception, the company is committed to creating a real, complete and enduring digital twin world. In line with the national policy of calling for the digital transformation of industries, 51WORLD aims to make the real world a more efficient, safer and better place with digital twin technology, and strives to establish an open and integrated ecology of global digital twin platforms.


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