51WORLD is a technology company dedicated to cloning the whole earth of 0.51 billion km² and hopes to change the world by building a digital twin world. Focusing on computer-graphics and simulation technology, 51WORLD has 4 sub-brands, namely 51Aes, the digital twin platform; 51Sim, the simulation platform;51Earth, the digital earth Platform; 51Meet, the metaverse platform. As a national “Little Giant” (a national honor for specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products), 51WORLD has leveraged the digitalization of global enterprises and governments.
51Meet is a metaverse platform targeting both enterprises and individuals. It includes MSpace, a high-precision metaverse space, 51Ama, an AI interactive digital assistant, and 51VR, a large-scale VR immersive exhibition experience.
MSpace is a product that caters to the diverse marketing needs of enterprises, providing a new experience for marketing activities. It helps clients create a blended virtual and real showcase and interactive space through high-precision scenes and real-time cloud rendering technology, driving sustainable business growth.
51Ama is an AI digital assistant product based on digital humans, advanced language models, and speech recognition capabilities. It combines offline application scenarios to provide intelligent explanations, business consultations, guided tours, and other services, achieving a lifelike real-time voice interaction experience.
51VR is an immersive experience product based on virtual reality (VR) and location-based entertainment (LBE). It creates a 3D virtual world that combines fun, educational, and interactive elements for users through high-quality content creation and ultimate visual experience.