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    Breaking the barriers of space and time, 51Meet offers you a more immersive metaverse experience in a more realistic scene.

    51Meet Core Features

    Photorealistic Virtual Venue

    It renders a realistic meeting experience by replicating the real world.
    The variety of functional divisions meet all kinds of needs.
    Seamless connection between the virtual and the real enables an immersive experience of participation.

    Customized Avatar

    Massive digital avatar database offers rich images to choose from. Users can customize their own digital avatars and upload photos with simply one click.

    Natural Interaction

    Support all interaction methods you can think of: voices, texts, actions and emojis, making communication more smooth and natural.

    Multi-scenario Application

    Can be used for business reception, product launch, marketing promotion, and large-scale exhibitions, as well as remote work, teaching & training, daily meetings, and recruitment interviews.

    User Mod

    Easy access to user mod without any barrier. Users can customize their space with creative ideas. All you need is just one click. For advanced mode, you can build up your own space freely from 0 to 1 on our PaaS platform.

    MOD A
    MOD B

    Cross-Platform Access

    Cloud native architecture enables multi-platforms access, be it a PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone, you can participate as long as you are connected with internet.

    Customer Cases

    Global Digital Meeting Room of Beijing CBD

    51WORLD has customized a realistic global digital meeting room of Beijing CBD for the district authorities, creating a more immersive 3D experience and bringing more possibilities to online meetings.

    JD Metaverse Press Conference

    As the technology provider, 51WORLD has created a highly realistic metaverse conference venue based on the real scenes of the JD headquarters, in which all the layouts are built in strict accordance with the actual ones, ingeniously integrating the two-dimensional space and three-dimensional space.

    Sichuan Tianfu International Conference Center

    The metaverse space, created by 51WORLD for the Sichuan Tianfu International Conference Center, offers a highly truthful restoration of the Chengdu Hall of the center. In the future, the combination of offline + online + metaverse will become more and more trending and dominant to hold meetings.

    Major Partners

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